The Silence of Green
Filmfest 2006

“Mass murder! It‘s a mass murder!”, one of the farmers questioned by Andreas Horvath cries out in desperation. At the beginning of 2001, the foot-and-mouth disease was headline news on television and in the press. Images of burning pyres piled high with carcasses of dead animals shocked public opinion and some people were indignant, literally talking of ritual sacrifices, of a return to paganism. More than in other countries the British countryside was affected: the farming world reeled under the shock. Filmed in super 8, with sweeping pan shots, the film constantly reveals the gap that irremediably grows between the tragedy as it is described and the beauty of the shots and the countryside, reminiscent of paintings by John Constable. Bertrand Bacqué, Visions du Réel

tags: Documentary


Director: Andreas Horvath