It Doesn't Hurt Me
Filmfest 2006

Tata is a beautiful young woman. She is bored, has nothing to do, but everything changes when she meets Misha, a young designer. He appears at her door together with his friends Alya and Oleg. They are young, full of strength and energy. They have talent, skill and a thirst for life... In short, they have everything... except money. But that’s what they came for. They came to offer their design and repair services to her. Misha helps Tata to love her life anew, and she finds Misha and his friends interesting work. Rich clients, expensive dinners, and huge fees – more than the friends could even dream of... But most important – she loves him! And all the while Tata is hiding something that will inevitably affect their future.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Renata Litvinova, Alexander Yatsenko, Dmitri Dyuzhev


Director: Alexej Balabanov