The Violin
Filmfest 2006

Elderly farmer Don Plutarco (Tavira), son Genaro and grandson Lucio scrape together a living as traveling musicians by day. By night, they secretly amass resources for the peasant guerrilla movement stirring in the Guerrero region, intent on overthrowing the country‘s cruel regime. The 81-year-old Tavira, in his acting debut (he was the subject of Vargas‘ 2004 docu TIERRA CALIENTE), inspires real affection with his enormously dignified, mildly dyspeptic characterization. "In a very real sense, Vargas seems to have tailored the picture specifically for Tavira, himself a lifelong violinist." Justin Chang "The work of the great violinist Carlos Prieto affected me immensly. The strength of this musician who went to the enemy camp every day to play his confiscated violin remained etched in my memory." Francisco Vargas

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ángel Tavira, Dagoberto Gama, Gerardo Taracena, Mario Garibaldi


Director: Francisco Vargas