Kish Tales
Filmfest 2006

Never heard of the island of Kish before? Ask anyone in Tehran about the place, and you'll get a prompt answer: ‘duty-free and you don't need a visa to get there’. The idea for making these tales for, about, and set in Kish came originally from the island’s tourist office. THE DOOR is not really a story at all, more a lyrical, impressionistic sketch of a man tramping across the dunes with a wooden door on his back, followed by his young daughter with a goat in tow. Ron Holloway The Door has a timeless quality and makes clear that one cannot escape society, something of its laws and social values will always remain. Richard Phillips,, 2000

tags: Short film

Cast: Mohhamad Nabhan, Nourieh Mahigiran


Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf