Filmfest 2006

Two ordinary girls. Nina and Lizzy. Both 19. Nina has felt alone and guilty since the death of her beloved father. Lizzie is in the hospital following two suicide attempts. They meet in the psychiatric wing. Both grasp the opportunity: Nina has found a friend, Lizzie the desire to live. They break out. Together, they are strong, euphoric, as they drift through the outskirts of La Rochelle, with no luck, and no money - only their dreams. Hour by hour, the world slips away from them. Then one man too many crosses their path. He will pay for all the others. Based on a true story, Patrick Grandperret’s devastating film is an adaptation of legendary director (and former colleague) Maurice Pialat’s long-cherished project.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hande Kodja, Céline Sallette, Gianni Giardinelli


Director: Patrick Grandperret