Land of Silence and Darkness
Filmfest 2007

LAND OF SILENCE AND DARKNESS Perhaps the only genre that treats the social and physical fringe with any kind of consideration is the documentary. Without the need to bow to plotting needs, the overwhelming desire to pour all drama into of a single circumstance, the fact film places the viewer in the cinematic circle of influence of the subject, giving them a chance to judge the people and situations for themselves. One of the best examples of this ideal is Werner Herzog‘s 1971 masterwork, LAND OF SILENCE AND DARKNESS. In the span of 82 amazing minutes, this famed director does more for the cause of the deaf and blind than any number of overdrawn tragedies. Bill Gibron,

With: Fini Straubinger, Heinrich Fleischmann, Vladimir Kokol, M. Baaske, Resi Mittermeier, Werner Herzog

tags: Documentary


Director: Werner Herzog