Filmfest 2007

WOYZECK is based on a famous unfinished play written in 1836 by Georg Büchner, who died of typhus aged just 23, having completed only four fragments of the play. The order in which the scenes should be performed is unclear, and the play was ignored for sixty years. Despite this, Büchner’s rejection of traditional structure, and his focus on a lowly individual‘s mental state, mean the play is now regarded as the first truly modern play, and a precursor to Expressionism and the Theatre Of The Absurd. Herzog's film was shot and edited in only 21 days, with shooting beginning a mere 5 days after the same team had finished the iconic vampire film, NOSFERATU. David Haviland, culture wars.org.uk

tags: Feature film

Cast: Klaus Kinski, Eva Mattes, Wolfgang Reichmann, Willy Semmelrogge, Josef Bierbichler


Director: Werner Herzog