Where the Green Ants Dream
Filmfest 2007

WHERE THE GREEN ANTS DREAM Central to the plot is a confrontation between a group of aboriginal Australians and mining representatives who plan a series of explosions that they hope will yield valuable minerals. What is apparent throughout the film is that speed is the most destructive force. The strength of the aborigines rests in their patience. They stop the project by slowing it down – sitting on the earth, chanting, and praying, while refusing to move. They inform the young geologist that they represent 40,000 years on earth, and during that time they have not destroyed the land as the white man, a relative newcomer, has already done. Carol Becker, warholfoundation.org

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bruce Spence, Wandjuk Marika, Roy Marika, Ray Barrett, Norman Kaye


Director: Werner Herzog