Wings of Hope
Filmfest 2007

WINGS OF HOPE He (Herzog) was in the Lima, Peru, airport on Christmas eve, 1971, trying to get to the Aguirre set out in the jungle. A full plane took off without him, and 92 passengers and crew disappeared off the map in a fatal crash. One passenger survived, a 17-year-old German girl named Juliane Koepke. For WINGS OF HOPE, Herzog decided to relive his trauma of that fateful 1971 night by locating Koepke, having her tell her extraordinary story, and asking her to recreate her trek back to civilization, seventeen years after.

With: Juliane Köpcke (Diller), Moisés Rengito Chavez, Juan Limber Ribera Soto, Richard Silva Manujama, Ricardo Oroche Rengite, El Moro, Simon Herzog, Werner Herzog

tags: Documentary


Director: Werner Herzog