Filmfest 2007

Based on a true story, INVINCIBLE marches upon well-trod Herzogian turf. The clash of cultures, collective madness, and the cruelties of civilization are themes that resound throughout the director’s oeuvre. INVINCIBLE’s probe of the Nazi era is of necessity downbeat, but by personalizing the curse of Zishe Breitbart, the good man who was too good for his own good, and turning it into a pox on all our houses, INVINCIBLE remains relevant, touching, timeless... Herzog’s use of non-actors in lead roles guarantees the film’s compass is always skewed, and his Weltschmerz, his weariness at the world and its ongoing historical delirium, illuminates each frame. Herzog is filmmaker as pacifist and dreamer and moralist, a storyteller with art history at his fingertips... INVINCIBLE is pure, unadulterated Werner Herzog. Robert Ecksel,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Tim Roth, Jouko Ahola, Anna Gourari, Max Raabe, Udo Kier


Director: Werner Herzog