Bella Block - White Nights
Filmfest 2007

BELLA BLOCK - WHITE NIGHTS Irene, a midwife and her boyfriend Frank smuggle 9-month pregnant Russian women into Germany. When the babies are born they are handed over to their German "mothers". Irene takes care of the birth certificates. A lucrative business, which Irene does mostly because of her love for Frank. But also out of compassion - for the Russian babies that would otherwise have been aborted and for the German women who desperately want children. But when two of the Russian mothers are found dead shortly after their deliveries, Bella Block and her partner are soon on Irene's case...

tags: TV series

Cast: Hannelore Hoger, Devid Striesow, Rudolf Kowalski, Samuel Finzi, Gabriela Maria Schmeide


Director: Christian von Castelberg