Filmfest 2007

Put Chris Cooper in the running pronto for next year's Best Actor Oscar. He's electrifying as Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent, Opus Dei Roman Catholic, devoted family man, lover of strippers and rabid porn buff – he makes videos of himself boffing his wife – who, until 2001, spent twenty-two years selling secrets to the Russians, including the identities of spies in their midst who were killed on his intel. Director and co-writer Billy Ray proves himself a filmmaker of uncommon talent and ambition... Ray avoids psychobabble to explain away Hanssen. Wise move. In this steadily gripping hothouse of a thriller, it's Cooper – funny, fierce and bug-wild – who gives us a look into the abyss. Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, Feb 16, 2007

tags: Feature film

Cast: Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe, Laura Linney, Caroline Dhavernas, Dennis Haysbert


Director: Billy Ray