Little Chenier
Filmfest 2007

It is the story of two brothers, who have no one but each other. Living on a houseboat in the bayou, Beauxregard "Beaux" Dupuis and his mentally handicapped brother Pemon try and make ends meet at their local bait shop. Mixed with the flavor of Cajun Country, LITTLE CHENIER takes you on a poetic journey into the hearts and homes of all who live there. – "Cajun culture is rich, beautiful and alive and I wanted the setting to be as authentic as possible. And while I wasn't making a documentary about the culture, I wanted to shoot it all in the bayou. I wanted all of our extras to be Cajun, all of our musicians to be Cajun, to cast as many locals as possible, and to have true Cajun accents." Bethany Ashton

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jonathan Schaech, Frederick Koehler, Tamara Braun, Jeremy Davidson, Clifton Collins Jr.


Director: Bethany Ashton