Still Life
Filmfest 2007

The setting is the part of Sichuan province that has been flooded during the construction of the Three Gorges Dam - one of the largest engineering projects in human history. These still-unfolding real life events provide Jia with some spectacular and apocalyptic backdrops for what are very small-scale human stories: part of the point of the film being the incongruous contrasts between the latter and the former. There are two story-strands, which occasionally come tantalisingly close to convergence – both involve people searching for loved ones with whom they have, for various circumstancial reasons, lost contact. Neil Young's Film Lounge Film makes a feature-length companion piece to Jia's hour-long docu, DONG whose first half focuses on an oil painter capturing demolition workers in the same town, Fengjie. Though STILL LIFE has some token plotting, both films are very similar in tone. Derek Elley, Variety

tags: Feature film

Cast: Zhao Tao, Han Sanming, Li Zhubin, Xiang Haiyu, Zhou Lin


Director: Jia Zhang-Ke