The Translator
Filmfest 2007

Ira is Russian. She is 23, lives in Geneva with her mother and knows very little about her homeland. Ivan Tashkov is an alleged Russian crime boss in prison waiting to stand trial. As the translator for his defence lawyer, Ira very quickly falls under Tashkov's spell. He appears to be a very cultivated man who is able to read her thoughts. In fact, he is simply manipulating a young woman who is searching for her roots and struggling to find her way in life. Little by little, Ira lets herself be drawn into by a world unknown to her where she becomes trapped between Tashkov and his Swiss lawyer Mayard, a brilliant, charming but equally deceptive man. Ira slowly comes to understands that danger looms where you least expect it, but is it too late?

tags: Feature film

Cast: Alexander Baluev, Julia Batinova, Sergei Garmash, Elena Safonova, Bruno Todeschini


Director: Elena Hazanov