Desmond & The Swamp Barbarian Trap
Filmfest 2007

DESMOND & THE SWAMP BARBARIAN TRAP Desmond and his friends have had enough. They’re just not prepared to be at the mercy of the ghastly monster that lives in the swamp behind Mrs. Crocodile’s house and that is always coming out at night to disturb the lives of the inhabitants of Raspberry Wood. That is, if he really exists, because no one has ever seen him. But who else could have stolen Desmond’s beautifully sun-ripened apples, Bessie Cow’s nail-varnish collection, Willie’s electric guitar, Sebastian Hare’s boxing gloves and Mrs. Crocodile’s new CD of Romantic Songs of Solidarity? Something needs to be done about it! So, they decide to construct a trap: a Swamp Barbarian Trap!

tags: Animation

Speaker: Sten Ljunggren, Shanti Roney, Rikard Wolff


Director: Magnus Carlsson