The Ghost in the Swamp
Filmfest 2007

THE GHOST IN THE SWAMP A brother and sister, Miron and Melita, go to visit their friend Zoltan (Liptus) in Kopacevo for winter vacation. The local residents and hunting lodge members there are involved in a big campaign to help the wild animals from the reserve to survive the winter. The same night Miron and Melita arrive, a boy named Halasz is found half-frozen at the edge of the swamp where, he raves, that he was attacked by a white ghost on one of the islands of the swamp. Miron, Liptus and Melita decide to find the ghost and offer to carry it off the island to the shore in exchange making their friend well again. The children not only experience an unforgettable adventure, they get to know the importance of protecting the environment and the animals that live in it... The first children's film made in Croatia in the last 20 years.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marko Pavlov, Robert Váss, Ena Ikica


Director: Branko Istvancic