Filmfest 2007

A sad fellow lives up on the silvery moon and he's so lonely that he hasn't laughed for a hundred years. His greatest wish is to visit us humans, just once in his lifetime. One night his dream comes true and he manages to voyage down to earth on a comet. But the blue planet isn’t as peaceful as he imagined it. And nobody understands the poor guy. Nobody – except one little girl. She is an eight-year-old inventor and helps him escape the clutches of a belligerant general who is determined to capture the 'dangerous' alien. An entertaining adventure and a dreamlike journey into the imagination of a child, based on Tomi Ungerer's classic picture-book "The Moonman". Toccata Film

tags: Short film

Cast: Michael Tregor, Jana Andjelkovic, Piet Klocke, Ralf Richter, Stefan Rutz


Director: Fritz Böhm