Things We Do When We Fall in Love
Filmfest 2007

THINGS WE DO WHEN WE FALL IN LOVE follows two unfortunate secret lovers who are constantly looking for a solution to their situation. Lai, a computer software programmer is having an affair with Amy, a primary school teacher. Both of them are always arguing over their relationship. One day they take a trip out of the city, to the outskirts. They hope they can solve their problems or at least escape them temporarily. They don’t have a solution, and they don’t understand why they are together. The sequel to BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, which dealt with the same subject of betrayal and love in an obscure and stylized way, THINGS WE DO WHEN WE FALL IN LOVE has a more realistic documentary style. "The movie examines one particular day of the two unfortunate lovers and their fate. Nothing big, no heroes, no romance – just lovers in trouble." James Lee

tags: Feature film

Cast: Amy Len, Loh Bok Lai, Len Siew Mee


Director: James Lee