Before We Fall In Love Again
Filmfest 2007

BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN is essentially a love story (or unlikely partnership) between two men, played out through their shared memories and dreams of a woman (Amy Len again, who for Lee specializes in playing sweetly innocent-looking females who wield extraordinary erotic power over men), she is the wife of one, and the mistress of the other, but has been missing for a month. She may have gone to Prague, and the film threatens to follow her there. Instead, after extended reminiscences about their respective relationships with her, the men go on a road-journey (as desolate as any early Wim Wenders) to find a third man, the first love of her life, who is, inevitably, a gangster. It’s a journey of deadpan discovery, and if there is a final revelation for each of the men, Lee leaves us to guess what it might be. – James Lee is a sublime chronicler of despair. He discovers something hypnotically fascinating in an emotion that most filmmakers prefer simply to wring pathos from. The deep loneliness of his characters is both their undoing and their redeeming quality. Ben Slater,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Amy Len, Pete Teo, Chye Chee Keong


Director: James Lee