Stories From The North
Filmfest 2007

Eight short stories from Northern Thailand, an area of lost villages and countless rice paddies. A loving and utterly beautiful documentary portrait of Chiang Rai, the district in the north of Thailand where the film maker himself grew up. The film is made up of eight more or less independent chapters, some of which were made and screened as separate short films. For instance the chapter The Way was shot last year as a short film during the festival. The first chapter, March of Time, for instance, was also Raksasad's graduation film. Each chapter features different people and a different story. Children who tell ghost stories, a man looking after his water buffalo, an old woman longing for death. Life stories, but also mythical tales about ghosts and told as true; the film maker does not seem to have any reason not to believe them.The film is obviously about time past. And even if traditions still retained their position in this region, it is clear to see - through the lack of young people - that there is little future for the past ... International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007

With: Kon Chaitha, Sombut Chaitha, New, Nam, Fang, Poo, Tan Kongwan (Alter Mann mit Büffel), Sak Punkum (Musiker), Kritsada Raksasilp

tags: Documentary


Director: Uruphong Raksasad