Dazed And Confused
Filmfest 2007

DAZED AND CONFUSED is one of the most exciting movies of this, or any other, year. It’s smart, funny, and wonderfully crafted and performed. The movie is structured as a period ensemble piece about a specific group of teenagers on the last day of high school in 1976. But it also functions as a timeless social study of high school character types and a disclosure of commonplace abuses of power in this social system. This is Linklater’s follow-up effort to his low-budget independent feature SLACKER, which put Austin on the lifestyle map and brought Linklater to the attention of studio executives. While the budget has grown by millions in indie terms, Dazed is still extremely low-budget in studio terms. Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle, 1993-09-24

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jason London, Joey Lauren Adams, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck, Renée Zellweger


Director: Richard Linklater