It's Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books
Filmfest 2007

The minimal plot is about as simplistic as a story can get: A disaffected college student spends the summer traveling around the country, meeting up with friends and family, and learning to understand the world outside his university town. Linklater stars as the young man and did everything on this film, from direction and camera work to editing and acting. The results are suggestive and mundane, dull and deceptive. The film seems like the first shaping of a huge home movie project with lots of aimless sequences combined with elements that really give us acuity into the mindset of the time and place. Virtually silent with minimal dialogue, this 85-minute project is well worth seeing, if not revisiting more than once. Visually, this is a minor technical work, with lots of 8mm grainy footage and natural lighting incidents. Still, the 1.33:1 print is presentable. Sonically, the audio tracks are muffled and muted, like the dialogue and effects were mastered inside cotton, but the overall effect of PLOW is of a creator getting in touch with his muse for the first time. DVD

tags: Feature film


Director: Richard Linklater