School Of Rock
Filmfest 2007

I could stand here on the sidelines in a tweed jacket and bifocals, complaining that this probably isn’t a good movie and might not even be a movie at all, in some technical, Platonic sense. It’s more like a haphazard “Saturday Night Live” sketch blown up to 90 minutes; its storytelling is nonsense and it traffics in borderline-offensive stereotypes and caricatures in almost every scene. Or I could just tell you that none of that matters to even a microscopic degree, because this is a movie in which Jack Black and a bunch of fifth-graders play AC/DC songs, and resistance is futile. So throw off your waistcoat and your prep-school tie, toss your horn-rim specs to the crowd, raise your Goblet of Rock to the gods and start doing the Swim and/or the Mashed Potato. Because in its cornball "Let’s put on a show!" crudeness, its Cuisinart collapsing of rock history, and its reduction of the ambiguous, libidinal revolt led by Elvis and Mick and Johnny Rotten and Kurt Cobain to the level of pampered middle-school posturing, SCHOOL OF ROCK is a clever and sometimes a beautiful thing. Andrew O‘Hehir,, October 3, 2003

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jack Black, Adam Pascal, Lucas Papaelias, Chris Stack, Joan Cusack


Director: Richard Linklater