Filmfest 2007

The action takes place in a motel room when old college friends Vince and John meet up. John, a film maker, is in town for a film festival, and Vince just happens to be in the vicinity. What starts as a preppy reunion soon turns into a psychological game between the two friends, involving a date rape incident with John’s ex, Amy. The film then progresses, at a deliberate pace, into a detailed and surprising character dissection. Linklater captures the meeting on grainy video, using a variety of camera angles and offbeat editing to intrude upon the dialogue, changing visual perspective while the character is still mid-sentence. This creates a rather skewed feeling, breaking up the rhythm and pace of the speech and creating a feeling of uncertainty – echoing that of the plot. As a result, Linklater conjures up an atmosphere that is more intimate than comfortable to watch. Originally written as a stage play, the subject matter and format take Linklater right back to basics. Laura Bushell , www.bbc.co.uk, 02 July 2002

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Uma Thurman


Director: Richard Linklater