The Big Bad Swim
Filmfest 2007

Here's a feel-good eccentric ensemble comedy you won't feel guilty for loving. This delightful debut from Ishai Setton follows the members of an adult swim class. There's Amy, a high-school teacher going through a divorce. One of her students is filming a documentary about his croupier by day/stripper by night sister Jordan, who's also in the class. Jordan is hot for swim instructor Noah, who's haunted and depressed by failure. Their relationships overlap both out of the pool and in, where the students are united by their fear of the water. Swim has good writing and better performances. The student-movie-within-a-movie conceit even feels organic. Everything is simple and believable, without cloying sentimentality or overly scripted coincidences, and the characters become more intriguing and likable as the film continues. Grab your suit and dive in. Frank Paiva,, 14 June 2006

tags: Feature film

Cast: Paget Brewster, Jeff Branson, Jess Weixler, Avi Setton, Ricky Ullman


Director: Ishai Setton