Shadow Kids
Filmfest 2007

SHADOW KIDS Sandra, a single mother, and her two daughters, are a great team. Sandra and her older daughter Therese care lovingly for Agnes - the youngest, who is constantly ill. Agnes breaks down in the middle of a school play and dies of cardiac arrest shortly afterward. The doctors are puzzled about the cause of the Agnes’ death. The autopsy is no help. The family is traumatized. Dr. Blum, the attending physician, even goes so far as to claim that Agnes must have received the wrong medication before she was hospitalized. Sandra is paralyzed by the situation, but her sister Christiane tries to get at the bottom of it all. When Therese suddenly comes down with the same symptoms, Christiane and the girl’s grandfather begin to realize that it cannot be a coincidence...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Karoline Eichhorn, Beata Lehmann, Amber Bongard, Christian Grashof, Renan Demirkan


Director: Claudia Prietzel, Peter Henning