The Road to San Diego
Filmfest 2007

When he discovers that the legendary footballer is hospitalized in Buenos Aires - a victim of his notorious drug, food and alcohol addictions – Tati decides to journey to the capital (over 1000ks) in order to give his idol a restorative root that he finds in a forest and carves into Maradona’s likeness. Sorín fashions Tati’s path from backcountry to big city as an odyssey through modern Argentina, complete with sirens, doubters and heroes, all struggling to survive in the face of the country’s very real economic crisis. Humorous and lighthearted, but well-grounded in Argentine realities, THE ROAD TO SAN DIEGO is that rarest of “social comment” films, full of tenderness rather than spite, and beauty instead of bile. 2007 San Fransisco International Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ignacio Benítez, Carlos Wagner La Bella, Paola Rotela, Silvina Fontelles, Miguel González Colman


Director: Carlos Sorin