According to the Plan
Filmfest 2007

ACCORDING TO THE PLAN Anne returns home to the small village she grew up in for her mother's birthday party. Her two sisters still live there. Older sister Iris and her mother share an apartment. Theirs is a typical mother/daughter, love/hate relationship. Younger sister Marianne lives close by with her husband and children. Anne, the rebel and adventuress of the family, arrives and all hell breaks loose when she falls in love Marianne's husband and leaves all of the preparations for the upcoming celebration to Iris. Major and minor interpersonal catastrophes disrupt the whole affair and make for a comical as well as tragic birthday party that couldn't be more absurd...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Corinna Harfouch, Dagmar Manzel, Kirsten Block, Christine Schorn, Otto Mellies


Director: Franziska Meletzky