My Bad Best Friend
Filmfest 2007

MY BAD BEST FRIEND She jogs til she drops. What Ellen, a frail teenager girl does during a PE class is obviously an attempt to self-destruct. Could it be she's suffering more than she admits because of the marital crisis between her well-off parents, Anne and Robert? After her breakdown, her weird new classmate, Isa, befriends her. The relationship between Ellen, an over-protected only child, and Isa, her new, self-confident and shrewdly calculating classmate, evolves until the relationship makes Ellen dangerously dependent on Isa. And Isa increasingly persuades Ellen to do things she never would have even considered before. But things go from bad to worse...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Anna Maria Mühe, Alice Dwyer, August Zirner, Barbara Auer, Sandra Borgmann


Director: Maris Pfeiffer