Black Butterfly
Filmfest 2007

Most of helmer Lombardi's dozen previous films address government corruption and the challenges of media under trying circumstances.The "free interpretation" of an apparent actual event, the pic unfolds in 2000, at the tail end of Alberto Fujimori‘s "civil dictatorship." Specific true-to-life engine that powers plot is Vladimiro Montesinos, honcho of Peru‘s intelligence service, who by this time had built a vast network of illegal activities involving business, media and politics. For the record, Montesinos is currently imprisoned in Peru, awaiting trial on numerous charges ranging from murder to drug trafficking. – As good as Urbina is, it‘s the chemistry between her and Ugaz that makes the pic work is. Eddie Cockrell, in:, Wed., Aug. 30, 2006

tags: Feature film

Cast: Melania Urbina, Magdyel Ugaz, Ivonne Frayssinet, Wendy Vásquez, Gustavo Bueno


Director: Francesco J. Lombardi