The Unforeseen
Filmfest 2007

THE UNFORESEEN is a meditation on the destruction of the natural world and the American Dream as it falls victim to the cannibalizing forces of unchecked development. It is an intricate tale of personal hopes, victories, and failures, and debates over land, economics, property rights, and the public good. In a time when development and property values have skyrocketed in nearly every major city, Dunn makes a plea for our development-oriented society to consider restructuring the relationship between our values and the environment that sustains us. Sundance Film Festival The kind of transformative viewing experience that has made the current period a golden age for nonfiction film.
Robert Koehler, Variety, 30 Jan 2007

tags: Documentary, Documentary, Documentary

With: Wendell Berry, Robert Redford, William Greider, Ann Richards, Gary Bradley, Willie Nelson


Director: Laura Dunn