Filmfest 2007

A companion piece to his Golden Lion winner STILL LIFE, Zhang Ke Jia's docu DONG was conceived first, after artist (and onetime actor) Xiaodong Liu invited the helmer to film him painting in the Three Gorges area before China's controversial dam project flooded the region. Publicized as a commentary on forced migration and urbanization... Against the rainy backdrop of the Three Gorges, Liu poses and paints 11 men on a 33-foot polyptych, all local peasants who’ve been demolishing nearby towns before the flooding begins. Halfway through, Liu decamps to color-filled Bangkok, where he paints 11 sultry gals on similarly large canvases. Jay Weissberg, Variety, Mon., Sep.11, 2006 It’s a beautiful and lovely and fascinating film in itself, though DONG will probably reveal its deeper character only when it stands – like the panels of Liu’s paintings – side by side with its sister work.

With: Liu Xiaodong, Marada Treetanon

tags: Documentary


Director: Jia Zhang-ke