Mystery of the Wolf
Filmfest 2007

MYSTERY OF THE WOLF 12-year-old Salla loves nature and enjoys the wilderness where she feels at home. She lives with her adopted parents in a small village where her father works as a policeman. One day Salla's biological mother Laila returns to the village after a ten-year absence, upsetting the inhabitants and even scaring many of them. The adventure starts when Salla rescues two wolf-cubs from poachers. Though an endangered species, wolves are a threat to the local livelihood, reindeer husbandry. The hiding and rescuing of the cubs from the poacher Venesmaa becomes a mission during which Salla has to trust her instincts, her best friend and even her long lost mother. Mystery of the Wolf is a family film, an exciting adventure in the wilderness of the Finnish Lapland. Finnish Film Foundation

tags: Feature film

Cast: Tiia Talvisara, Janne Saksela, Vuokko Hovatta


Director: Raimo O. Niemi