Attwenger Adventure
Filmfest 2007

For 17 years Markus Binder (voc., dr.) and Hans-Peter Falkner (acc., voc.) have been on the go as the "Attwenger". The initial hype about the band has to do with the unique translation of traditional songs and melodies to an exciting contemporary level. With their consistent further development in the years since then, the Upper-Austrian band has affirmed the validity of their music without yielding to the conventional mechanisms of commercialism.

With: Markus Binder, Hans-Peter Falkner, Alexander Jöchtl, Erich & Pauline Falkner, Agnes & Ella Fritz Falkner, Janna Meta & Juri Binder, Harald Renner, Wolfgang Schögl, Fred Frith, Josef Hader, Hans Söllner, Roderich Fabian, Rudi Dolezal u.v.a

tags: Documentary


Director: Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker