The Prospector
Filmfest 2007

THE PROSPECTOR Max Teller admits that he has made many wrong decisions in life. Yet, he also calls himself a storyteller and possibly even a liar. With his adventurous life he can afford omitting, changing or simply inventing some thing or the other. In the end, nobody can check up on it, because he spends most of his time in Ghana, Kuwait or Libya researching treasures of the soil as a natural resources expert. Max Teller is in his mid-fifties and from one day to the next he is gone. Disappeared. Nobody can reach him. A former classmate looks for him. He finds images and sounds, fragments of a life. Some of them are banal, some dangerous, some absurd, mostly they are anything but expected. Max Teller remains lost. But his friend will find out a lot about the world of the past fifty years and eventually about himself.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Walter Weber, Werner Penzel, Lucia Jaramillo, Paul Maldonado


Director: Heiner Stadler