Filmfest 2007

A young man from the country tests the patience of his older cousin when he travels to the city in hopes of finding work in director Wei Tie‘s downbeat drama. Zhu Ming is ready and willing to work, but he just can't seem to find an employer who is willing to give him a chance to prove himself. Though Ming's sympathetic cousin Zhu Kun agrees to put the struggling job seeker up while he searches for employment, Kun's live-in girlfriend Jingjing seems to view the presence of the jobless yokel little more than an unnecessary nuisance. Later, as Ming attempts to befriend pretty but unreliable job migrant Xiao Wen, his cousin too begins to tire of the many pratfalls that go with finding employment in such tight economic times. Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jian Li, Yuan Hu, Jianjing Huang, Wenying Tan


Director: Wei Tie