Filmfest 2007

Charles Benesteau breaks away from upper class society to which he belongs. He leaves his wife, family, and friends to live anonymously and alone in a working-class neighbourhood of Paris. But his desire to become another man, the man of his dreams to disentangle himself from society, leads him to unexpected facts of life... "PREMONITION is a film about trying to escape alienation, a search for liberation from everything that keeps you locked inside of images, either consciously or unconsciously... The hero of PREMONITIION knows perfectly well what he is abandoning when he heads towards a poorer social class... (he) is a true adventurer." Jean-Pierre Darroussin

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Valérie Stroh, Anne Canovas, Hippolyte Girardot


Director: Jean-Pierre Darroussin