Our Country
Filmfest 2007

Set in present day Milan, people with varied histories cross paths. Their lives are all ruled by money: a lot of money, very little money, stolen, earned, flaunted, hidden, sometimes unaccessable. The money flows from one story to another, from one person to the next. Ugo is an established banker, he is a shrewd, despondent man who operates in illegal ways. Rita is the chief of the tax police, a strong willed yet sensitive woman who is investigating him. Some of the other characters include a model, a professional killer, a prostitute, a pensioner all of whom are who are dealing aggression, weakness, kindness, as well as many other contradictions. Rita, Ugo and the others are different in the way they meet, love, hate, fight, unite and separate - not just because of the money, but because of the strength of their emotions. In the end, all of these people will meet in one place, at one specific moment, and the characters will face life and death as the city around them watches...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Valeria Golino, Luca Zingaretti, Laura Chiatti, Giuseppe Battiston, Luca Argentero


Director: Francesca Comencini