The Silly Age
Filmfest 2007

In La Habana of 1958, Alicia, a young and insecure woman, returns with her son Samuel to her mother‘s house after another failure in love. Once there, Alicia and Samuel feel the rejection of the boy's sullen grandmother, who is terribly fussy about certain things and not happy at all to share her protected privacy. In the middle of the turmoil of contradictions between the two women, Samuel tries to adapt himself, but his submissiveness cracks under the needs of his age, which unleash transforming interests. The presence of his grandmother, every time closer, turns out to be essential in this passage from obedience to rebellion that will leave a mark in his life. Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mercedes Sampietro, Susana Tejera, Iván Carreira, José Ángel Egido, Carla Paneca


Director: Pavel Giroud