Filmfest 2007

Do you know post-war Beirut, this land of all contradictions? Are you familiar with Toufic? Have you ever heard about this young man on the edge of manhood who rides the streets of Beirut night and day? This film depicts one evening in Toufic's life. Between dusk and dawn. A unique night that can happen once in a lifetime. It's a radiography of his existence, his family's and his friends'. It's a concentrate of life, a nocturnal trip in the twisted world of the city. It's a story about friendships, treasons, passions, hatred, vengeance, absurd encounters and extravagant situations ... It's also the story of a single step that takes a man to cross the boundary, this invisible line that separates good from evil, love from hatred, tragic from hilarious ... Are you familiar with Beirut? Did you know this is a city where anything, absolutely anything, could happen? Michel Kammoun

tags: Feature film

Cast: Elie Mitri, Issam Boukhaled, Michel Hourani, Gabrielle Bou Rached, Hyam Abou Chedid


Director: Michel Kammoun