But Once Mom Had Gone...
Filmfest 2007

Olivier, owner of a construction company in the Limousin region, hasn’t seen time passing, just like he hasn’t noticed his wife, younger than he, drift away, to the point that she’s actually gone to live elsewhere. At a loss, furious, wounded, he demands custody of their daughter Léa. The judge decides it is in the young girl’s best interests that she continue to be surrounded by familiar situations. In the large house, the big wounded bear used to ordering men about finds himself alone with this tomboy, who he doesn’t quite know how to handle. Nearing sixty, he knows, he feels how precious the bond being woven between himself and his daughter is. This new situation changes his relationship to things, to his work, life, his first daughter – who has already made him a grandfather – to the whole world. As for Léa, she slowly realizes the worth of a father who loves you totally and who enters your heart forever. unifrance.org

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jean-François Stévenin, Marie Féret, Charlotte Duval, Vanessa Danne, Salomé Stévenin


Director: René Féret