Four Sheets to the Wind
Filmfest 2007

Ever since its inception, Filmfest's US Indie section has celebrated exceptional American Indian films like POW-WOW HIGHWAY, SMOKE SIGNALS and many, many others. That tradition is carried on with the endearing and uplifting FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND. Cufe Smallhill finds his father dead. Fulfilling his final wish, he disposes of the body in the family pond and sets off to begin a new life in the big city of Tulsa. What follows is a sweetly bitter tale about family, forgiveness and something resembling love. "... a story about Oklahoma, a young man and a family. It opens with a tragedy but it's also a comedy and a love story and a family tale." Sterlin Harjo

tags: Feature film

Cast: Cody Lightning, Jeri Arredondo, Tamara Podemski, Laura Bailey, John Proudstar


Director: Sterlin Harjo