Anytime Soon
Filmfest 2007

A day in the life of five long-time schoolmates from Quito who decide to get together again after 14 years. Elena is expecting her second child. Marina lives the ups and downs of infidelity. Diana, a premature widow, shares her loneliness with her teenage daughter. Tamara still lives a crazy life amongst drugs and one night’s stands. That night they will visit Alejandra who has been seriously ill. ANYTIME SOON is a choral film where each character delivers the lights and shadows of their paradoxical middle class life in an Andean city. In that unusual encounter, these women will weave – swinging between guilt and hope, solitude and solidarity – a tapestry of emotions that arise in the middle of the apparent monotony of their lives...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Amaia Merino, Francisca Romeo, Paquita Troya, Carolina Valencia, Anahí Hoeneisen


Director: Anahí Hoeneisen, Daniel Andrade