Aideu - Behind The Screen
Filmfest 2007

AIDEU - BEHIND THE SCREEN is the story of Aideu Handique, the first Assamese woman to act in films. The year was 1935. The film was JOYMOTI. In the 1930s, this was something a girl from a respectable family was not allowed to do. She was ostracised, never married and died unsung in 2002 at the age of 82. But before her death, she made one last appearance in a film - as herself. Director Asup Manna wanted to tell her story, "not because it has a lot of drama, but because he wanted to pay obeisance". It was over five years in the making because, without any song and dance numbers, no producer wanted to touch it.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Chandana Sarmah, Dolon Bora, Nabamika Borthakur, Saponti Bordoloi, Pithuraj


Director: Arun Manna