Fata Morgana
Filmfest 2007

Laura and Daniel, a young European couple, are traveling in the Moroccan desert when their car suddenly breaks down. A stranger comes to their aid, repairs the car and promises to take them back to Agadir. Instead, he takes them further and further into the desert. Whereas Daniel increasingly distrusts the stranger, who has a knife and wears an insignia of the French Foreign Legion, Laura is fascinated by the mysterious man. In a fit of jealousy, Daniel punctures the stranger's motorcycle tires one night and flees with Laura as she sleeps. This later triggers a bitter argument between Daniel and Laura, which ends with Laura disappearing into a sandstorm. All three ultimately come together in a ghost town, the scene of a dramatic showdown...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marie Zielcke, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Matthias Schweighöfer


Director: Simon Groß