The General Manager or How to Sell a Tit Wonder
Filmfest 2007

THE GENERALMANAGER OR HOW TO SELL A TIT WONDER is the over-the-top story of overextended erotic manager Martin Baldauf. The former agent of top celebrity Lolo Ferrari is on an e-ride either to the gutter or to cult status. After the sudden death of world famous Lolo Ferrari, Martin Baldauf goes on a papparazzi-ridden, whirlwind promotion tour to push new English model Ashley Bond from Manchester as her successor. From tanning studio to the new Miss Silicon? "B" or "C" celebrity? A high speed movie full of coruscating humor and absurd situations – from a promotion date on a Autobahn service area to the measurement of tits with a dog leash at a lawyer's.

With: Martin Baldauf, Lolo Ferrari, Jürgen Drews, Ashley Bond, Lucie Krcova, Udo Lindenberg

tags: Documentary


Director: Steffen Jürgens