Two Embraces
Filmfest 2007

Paco is 13 years old and he is the sentimental pillar of his mother and younger brothers. One night he dreams of Silvina, a young furious supermarket cashier. He gets close to her and they understand each other and become close friends. Silvina is hurt by an encounter with her mother and gets angry at Paco, and reminds him he is only a child. Paco returns to his life without her, until one day outside the supermarket she runs after him. They embrace each other. Joaquin, a solitary taxi driver, sees them hold each other and his passenger fades. Joaquin takes him to the hospital and tries to locate a relative of his passenger. He finds Laura the passenger’s 17 year old daughter. He decides to stay and help Laura find his father’s friends.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Maya Zapata, Jorge Zárate, Giovanni Florido, Ximena Sarinana


Director: Enrique Begne