The Band’s Visit
Filmfest 2007

This whimsical tale follows the iconoclastic adventures of a band of Egyptian musicians who, by some happenstance, are lost in a small town in the Israeli desert. The monotonous daily routine of the inhabitants is about to be shaken up... "When I was a child, I often watched Egyptian films with my family. It was a common practice in Israel in the early 1980s. In the late afternoon on Friday, we'd be glued to the screen, watching complicated intrigues, impossible loves, and heartbreaking tear-jerkers starring Omar Sharif, Pathen Hamam, I'del Imam, and all the other regulars, on the only national television network Israel had at the time. It was pretty strange, in fact, for a country that spent half its time at war with Egypt and the other half in a sort of cold and barely cordial peace with its neighbor to the south." Erin Kolirin

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sasson Gabai, Ronit Elkabetz, Saleh Bakri, Khalifa Natour, Imad Jabarin


Director: Eran Kolirin