Filmfest 2007

JOYMOTI was an historical figure, a princess of the Ahom in the 17th century and who died of the torture meted out to her by a puppet king. She had refused to tell him the whereabouts of her husband, who had fled the kingdom because the king saw him as a competitor to the throne and wanted him killed. The complete version of the film no longer exists. Fragments of an old print were found in a garage by Hridayananda Agarwalle and incorporated into a longer documentary. This reconstruction uses that surviving fragmented footage from that documentary. Altaf Mazid

tags: Feature film

Cast: Aeideu Handique, Parashuram Barua, Phani Sarma, Lalimohon Choudhury, Mohini Rajkumari


Director: Jyotiprasad Agarwalla